ETHOS MEDIA S.A. is an Athens, Greece based Company, active in the publishing, web and conferences industries.

HRIMA Magazine is a modern financial and investment magazine, published by Ethos Media S.A. Hrima magazine is being in the market since 1988.

In 2008, in the light of new conditions, challenges and opportunities in the business environment, along with the contemporary needs and expectations of its readers, Hrima was enriched in content and aesthetically redesigned, so that its original aim -to serve the financial market as a modern investments “tool”- could be better served.

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Insurance World magazine was born with a vision to contribute on a monthly basis to balanced information about the insurance industry. Basic principles constituting the philosophy of this new insurance magazine are the provision of high quality content presented through a business spectrum while approached in a scientific manner. Insurance World has been designed to address the information needs of all stakeholders in the insurance industry, in a comprehensive and impartial way.

In 2009, the editorial team of Insurance World magazine created the web portal aiming at producing a comprehensive and constantly renewed virtual environment offering online information and interactive services.

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Money Conferences are international business conferences addressing business issues such as banking, investments, real estate, CSR etc. Professional speakers corporate leaders from Greece and worldwide, fully specialised in their topics, aim to offer up-to-date answers about prevailing conditions and market trends currently being formed.

Money Conferences aims at being an informative and networking forum, where CEOs will have the opportunity to reach conclusions on current business issues, meet with peers, and discuss possible deals.