Insurance World magazine was born with a vision to contribute on a monthly basis to balanced information about the insurance industry. The scientific approach and high quality information are the basic principles constituting the philosophy of this new insurance magazine.


  • Publication frequency: Every 2 Months
  • Dimensions: 21Χ28 cm
  • Circulation: 10.000
  • General Manager: Konstantinos Ouzounis
    (ouzounis.k@ethosmedia.eu) / T: +30 210 9984 864
  • Editor in Chief: Gerasimou Vicky
    (gerasimou.v@ethosmedia.eu) / T: +30 210 9984 950
  • Advertising Executive: Ranto Manologlou
    (manologlou.r@ethosmedia.eu) / T: +30 210 9984 863
  • First year circulation: March 2009
  • Website: www.insuranceworld.gr

Assessing the significant role of the insurance industry in the economy and its vital significance for the success and growth of business firms, the new insurance magazine was created to cover the needs of the insurance executives.

An important innovation of the magazine is that it is, in parallel, made available in e-book format; that is, subscribers have the option to click and read the full publication which is e-mailed to them (identical with the print form, plus clickable advertising insertions leading to the advertiser’s corporate website) on their personal computers.