Since 1988, the year when HRIMA magazine was launched in the Greek market, until now, our object is to inform about every aspect of financial and investment reality.


  • Publication frequency: Every 2 Months
  • Dimensions: 21Χ28 cm
  • Circulation: 8.000
  • Subscribers: CEOs, general managers of private and public companies, financial consultants, businessmen, freelancers etc.
  • General Manager: Konstantinos Ouzounis
    (ouzounis.k@ethosmedia.eu) / T: +30 210 9984 864
  • Editor: Nontas Chaldoupis
    (chaldoupis.n@ethosmedia.eu) / T: +30 210 9984 918
  • Editor in Chief: George Kaloumenos
    (kaloumenos.g@ethosmedia.eu) / T: +30 210 9984 865
  • Advertising Executive: Ranto Manologlou
    (manologlou.r@ethosmedia.eu) / T: +30 210 9984 863
  • First year of circulation: 1988
  • Website: www.hrima.gr

HRIMA Magazine is a modern financial and investments magazine published by Ethos Media S.A. Presenting a number of special editions as a part of its content, the magazine aims at offering its readers information extending on a wide range and analyzing to a great depth. The long experience of its editorial team guarantees the reliability of the magazine.

In 2008, in the light of new conditions, challenges and opportunities in the business environment, along with the contemporary needs and expectations of its readers, HRIMA was enriched in content and aesthetically redesigned, so that its original aim -to serve the financial market as a modern investments “tool”- could be better served.

HRIMA magazine is also issued online (e-book edition) offering to its subscribers many multimedia applications.